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TM Savushkin
Soft white cream cheese / with Provencal
herbs, slicing, 60%
Soft white cheese for salad with
Provencal herbs / creamy
Soft Cream, 60%
Soft Cream 60%
Cottage cheese granular
Taste strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, 5%
Dessert Cheese Paste "Cheesecake" 120 g, 3,5%
Greek Yoghourt "TEOS"
Taste: natural, flax-fiber cereals, walnut-honey, mango-chia, 2%
Greek Yoghourt "TEOS"
Taste: almond-vanilla, blueberries, natural, 2%
Glazed cheese
«Bilochka» «Korivka» «Kokos» with coconut flakes, «Kuraha» «Triufel» «Fistashka» «Chornoslyv» «Martsypanovyi» «Moia Olenka» «Zaika» with cocoa», 23%
Glazed cheese
"Light", "Boiled condensed milk", with vanilla aroma, with cocoa and vanilla aroma, 20%
Yoghourt Аpeti "Coconut"
Yoghourt Аpeti "Chocolate balls"
Yoghourt Аpeti "Strachatella"
Yoghourt Optimal Blueberries and cereals
Yogurt enriched with calcium and vitamin D, vanilla and chocolate candies, strawberries and chocolates, 2%
The purpose of our company is to take care of the interests of our partners and clients, as well as our own interests. We understand that this is the way to build partnerships: stable, long-term and mutually beneficial ones.

To achieve this goal, we constantly improve our logistics, expand the geography of deliveries and product portfolio.